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  • A question of taste, but maybe some guidance: 5146G or J. Advice please.

    Hi Everyone! New to the forum. Within the last year I've gotten the PP bug after being an Explorer II wearer for 10 years. Started with the jumbo steel Aquanaut then just bought the 5130G. The 5130G is spectacular but darn, I do need a date. So, have set my sights on the 5146. I can't tell from the pics but is there a difference between the two dial and strap colors other than the obvious? ........

  • Back from the spa

    I just got it back from getting an overdue service. It's great to have it back again! I'm about to go away for a week, but expect to see it in the wrist threads soon!........

  • Question for the vintage guys

    I want to add this to the H-101 post on hand style names:Problem is I don't know what the name is. I've been through De Carle's Watch & Clock Encyclopedia but don't see anything exactly like them. The closest I see is Trefoil Gothic - but trefoil means three rings and this has four. Any help out there?........

  • setting the Date question

    In a Breitling you can not set the date between 10 PM and 2 AMhelp pleaseThanks in advance.........

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