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  • Oris Great Barrier Reef Diver Limited Edition Watch

    This is the new limited edition Oris sub seconds diver made to help out the Great Barrier Reef. Each watch that is sold will have Oris donating 50 Swiss Francs (that's it?) to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). Didn't anyone tell Oris they don't use Swiss Francs in Australia! I joke! The money will go to help keep creatures in the Great Barrier Reef alive. Basically, there are a lo........

  • Fortis B-42 Black & Black Limited Edition Watch

    I want to know what is going on in 2012 that is so important to Fortis. Is it the estimated year for us to start a mission to Mars? Maybe that is it. I know Fortis has a few watches it would like to go there. A few of the new cool Fortis limited edition watches to be announced are limited to 2012 pieces. For example the (freakin' awesome) Fortis Cargo Spaceleader watch. Well another "2012" watch t........

  • Automatic Paranoia

    OK, so I finally bought my first automatic- Seiko SNK613. This morning I awoke to a stopped watch. Over the New Years weekend I wore my dress watch most of the time. Now I am afraid to put the automatic down for fear it will be stopped again.Is there a cure short of a winder?Is there a decent winder for < $50?........

  • Limited time offer - redeem your "Likes" for WTF merchandise!!!!

    Okay, not really - but the title got your attention, right? Seriously, I'm curious about why we "Like" a post. Is it:because you like the watch?because you like the quality of the photograph?because a funny or intelligent comment was made?because you hope the poster will eventually sell that watch to you cheap since you flattered them?Maybe that last one is only me. Anyway, what's the reason(........

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