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In 1965, Tissot PR 516 broke the ground of the traditional watchmaking world and had come with bold looks and advanced features. This watch also made a record with having the world¡¯s first registered bracelet that had holes. There were more things in store for the brand and they were gradually unfolded with time. The Tissot Astrolon collection in 1971 was renowned as the first plastic mechanical watch. The collections like Tissot Rockwatch, Two-Timer and Woodwatch have also garnered an unedifying interest among watch lovers. Exploring the history of Tissot watches is more like witnessing a story of innovation that continues till date. With the revealing of Tissot T-Touch watch in 1994, the brand has entered into a new world of craftsmanship. This timepiece is considered to be the world¡¯s first tactile watch that offered functions like compass, altimeter, barometer and temperature. In 2014, the brand invented T-Touch Solar ¨C the watch that is powered by solar energy. Apart from this innovative journey of watchmaking, the brand has also made a strong ground in bringing out the classic charm through the architecture. The T-Classic collection renders timepieces including Tissot Chemin Des Tourells, PR 100, Everytime, Le Locle and more. T-Sport Collection is engineered with advanced functions and sporty looks. The collection also includes timepieces like PRS 516 and Quickstar and so on. Besides the above-mentioned timepieces, the collections like T-Lady, T-Pocket, Heritage and Gold enrich the innovative gesture of the brand. The Prime - Luxury Watch Boutique proudly showcases an array of collections from the brand ¨C Tissot. The watch boutique has nearly 741 timepieces from the brand that comprises of collections like T-Classic, T-Lady, Cocktail, Heritage, T-Pocket, T-Sport, T-Trend and Touch collections. Being renowned as one of the authorised luxurious watch retailers, The Prime Watches offers timepieces as per the demands of the brand. Starting from the best-selling to the trending timepieces, the watch boutique has everything for its patrons. With more than 25 years of trust, it has been renowned as the largest chain of luxury watch boutiques in India.
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