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  • ? winders

    I'm new to this forum & would like a few suggestion's for a good 2 or 4 watch winder. My understanding is Orbita's & Wolf's are good but are there other descent one's out there.........

  • Portofino Chronograph vs. Pilot ChronoAutomatic

    Getting ready to purchase my first IWC watch and my choices are between the Portofino Chronograph and the Pilot Chronograph. My budget does not allow a Port. What do you reccomend? This will not be my everyday watch, I currently have a Rolex GMT that I wear daily and occasionally a Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic (great watch). Reguardless of the choice, I will go with the black band. Thanks fo........

  • Incoming for me too!

    Well, after much to-ing and fro-ing, I have chosen a new watch.I do want to save for another 'higher end' watch like the Sinn I love so much, but I needed a bit of retail therapy for my birthday, and if I didn't take advantage of the "okay you can buy a watch for your birthday" offer from the wife, it would expire (saving the money for a better watch was not an option).It should be here in about 1........

  • Just bought my first watch last week...need help on the second

    So I just recently decided it was time to get a big boy watch and went with a Hamilton Dodson in gold with the alligator strap. I am getting lots of compliment and really enjoy wearing it. Being a compulsive planner I have already begun picking out my next purchase and came across a Baume and Mercier Classima 8733. I think I am sold on it but could use some advice........

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