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  • Casino 14K syg 17J 730 c1957

    Not sure this warrants a whole new thread; maybe we can put it down as another "incoming" thread. I was surprised to to find that Hamilton's c1957 casino watch has not been mentioned to date in this forum. Having just 'accidently' won the auction for this number I thought I'd better add the missing model to the archives...I say accidently because I went in with what I felt was a low ball and won........

  • I'm falling in love with Seiko

    Don't know if it's wanderlust or permanent, but I am really liking what I'm seeing from the Seiko lineup. If I had a grand to blow right now, it'd be on Seikos, the Sumo, the SKX175 and the SNM037. OK, maybe I'd need more than $1K, but you get the point. I'll be sure to keep you posted. My birthday is in June........

  • Shipping to Malaysia

    I know several members here have bought from Malaysia, but how is it to ship there? Any hang-ups or potential snags I should know about?Thanks!........

  • Seller rufuses to post a photo of...

    Would you spend $5,250.00 on a watch from a seller (eBay) when he refuses to open the back to take a photo to post?His answer to my request was that he doesn't WANT to. I also asked him if it might need servicing in the near future?His response was, "I have no idea".........

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