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  • Sopranos

    Anyone seen Sopranos? They use a lot of Rolex watches in it. More or less every gangster in it got a Rolex. A lot of Datejusts and some Day-Dates, not sure if they use any others too. The main char Tony Soprano uses a Yellow Gold Day-Date with a dial that looks like one of the champagne ones. I have heard someone say that Rolex does not pay movie company's money to use their watches in a movie. Bu........

  • Stolen Rolex's

    I read an article on another Rolex Forum (no names) about a theft of 60 Rolex watches in Japan, 40 mil yen worth. I'm sure they'll be hitting Ebay and other local less-than-honest websites very soon. Be aware. Check it out japantoday/category/c...atches-in-kobeBob........

  • Looks like an El Dorado storm this month.

    Guess what I got in the mail today.Looks like it took a dip in the POs double caramel macchiato. This is after some work with toothpick and fingernail. Not as good a bargain as Salleh's. I paid at least $10 just for the scratched up conical crystal. It's really hard to get a good photo with that on.Ill even bet Doug knows what the next step is for this little beauty. Am I too far gone if I hunt ........

  • It's that time again....

    So a couple of weeks back I decided that I owned too many watches from the "boutique" brands so I decided to sell one. One of the three was a gift from my wife. Can't sell that. One was super inexpensive and very unique (and my wife LOVES that one as much if not more than I do). The third was a gorgeous watch, but the brand has some real odd styles on the horizon, and has newer and similar sty........

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