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  • Complete newbie - ive been offered this.

    Hi folks.Ive tried to do some research but i figure the best thing is to ask people that know.I have absolutely no clue about watches but i am about to replace my old cheap thing with something nice. Anyway i mentioned this to a guy at work who told me he had an Omega Seamaster he would sell me for 100. Now i know a good Seamaster is worth more than that so im certain this isnt a genuine one,........

  • Cushion dial redo question.

    I sent my parts cushion dial off to ID. Along with it, I sent a photo of Tom's cushion with white lume as an example of how I'd like it done. (Now I can't find the photo to share). ID is asking if I want the dial in Butler finish (as this dial was originally done) or if I want a white dial with the white lume. What do I want? These old watches aren't my specialty. I'm not sure how different ........

  • Traser Diver Automatic Orange - some photos

    thanks to Churchill more pics are hereshort review is here ........

  • That one in a million boot sale watch that actually turns out to be worth something..

    I've lost count of the number of threads where hopeful members post a picture of a recently acquired watch and really really want to hear it's genuine, despite it being bought for a song, or from a 'mate' clearing out their attic/basement/crackhouse etc...Well, to show that just like an infinite number of monkeys bashing away on an infinite number of typewriters will eventually produce Shakespeare........

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