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  • A pair of "oldies but goodies"

    My 18k RG bumper automatic and 18k YG Rolex "bubbleback" automatic:Both date from ~1950.I've had the Omega for several years and refer to it as my "special occasion" watch. The Rolex was acquired a couple of weeks ago out of the estate of this gentleman:C. Thomas Clagett........

  • Look, the strap does even match my drink!

    I noticed that the strap color nicely matches the color of my favorite Cognac!I discovered this Cognac quite some years ago when I went to buy a Rmy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac. The owner of the shop told me that he had something much better and at a better price too! It was from a small Chateau he found and he let me taste both the Rmy Martin and this Chateau de Montifaud. Needless to say that........

  • Panerai Movements vs Omega

    Hi There,I am a long time Omega buyer with four under my belt. I am looking for a white faced watch and the PAM 251 is looking really attractive. I like the 44mm size and the more I look at the Panerai line the more I am drawn to them. My AD says that Panerai is just a "big clock" on your wrist that looks good but has inferior movements inside compared to the co-axial Omegas which I have a few ........

  • Silly vacation thread!

    I just realized that after 6 months of the Hamilton forum, I am talked out. I can't think of a single sensible thing to write about. (Of course the "regulars" here might have realized this 5 months ago.)When I hit a wall, so-to-speak, I get silly. But before I do, I thought I would give the members a chance to beat me to the silliness. Gentlemen, the forum is yours. . . . . . . Let the silline........

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