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  • De Bethune DB25 Special Edition for Only Watch

    What is a watch, if not a machine to measure the flow of time? A kind of speed counter for the flux of an energy of which we know almost nothing, except that it exists and that it is carrying us somewhere. Find complete details, along with stunning wallpaper, for this De Bethune machine inside. What is absolute speed, if not that of light, that beyond which there is no more time, nor space, n........

  • Question about my new Milgauss GV

    Ok..I have had my Milgauss GV for just over a week now, and I have only one minor complaint about the watch. When setting the time, there is play in the hands as I rotate the crown. Example: if I am trying to set the watch to exactly 6:05, it is very difficult to get the minute hand centered perfectly on the 5 oclock position because when I release the crown the hand will jump slightly off the ........

  • Update - good and... My warranty experience with Android

    Upon receipt of an Android Caprice Skeleton Auto the hour and minute hands were not synchronized. When the hour hand was pointing directly at the hour, the minute hand was between the 8 and the 9. I was informed by Android that they would charge me $15 (in addition to paying the return shipping) to honor the warranty.So, on a watch that was about $130, it cost me an additional $25 or so to get the........

  • What to do. How I miss my Daytona

    Hello Folks,First post after a while lurking. After i promissed myself that I would not buy another "luxury" watch, here I am again. I sold off my daytona a few years ago. This time I am going for a dress watch. I am interested in the several candidates...Cartier Santos XL Chrono, Dubey & Schaldenbrand Aerochrono, and the TAG Grand Carrera GMT. I am partial to the Dubey. Here is my difficulty.........

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