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Since 1848, OMEGA has continuously made history and has established a reputation as one of the world's great watch brands. Masters of the traditional art of watchmaking, we have proved ourselves to be among the industry's most adventurous pioneers. For more than a century, OMEGA has been involved in the precision timing of international sporting competitions in athletics, swimming, golf and sailing and, since 1932, the Olympic Games. The Olympic and Paralympic Games give OMEGA the opportunity to serve the world's best athletes with ultimate precision and unreserved pride. Introduced in the OMEGA Globemaster, the new Master Chronometer certification is granted to watches that pass a series of eight tests approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS) and whose movements have already been qualified as COSC-certified chronometers. Master Chronometer marks another turning point for OMEGA, whose legacy has been built on its commitment to quality, design, precision and quality.OMEGA affirms its leading position in the watchmaking industry with its Seamaster Aqua Terra. The renowned Seamaster Aqua Terra collection features timepieces available in a dynamic range of materials and styles. True to their name, they are as much at home at sea as on land.Omega have helped shape the landscape of luxury mens watches since its inception in 1848, producing timepieces every man aspires to own.Precision and elegance is effortlessly combined in all of Omega's Ladies watches, making them the perfect watch for any ladies wrist.
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