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f you are a watch collector or fashion guy as well, you should be very keen on swiss Jaeger LeCoultre Steel watches, and wish to have the whole series of watches. So,We Best Replica Watch have the ability to satisfy what you would like. Within the economic conditions permit, Your will certainly buy Authentic Swiss watches. In the end, best replica watch imitation is simply a shape swiss Watches. The souls of Swiss Watches is can never be copied. We'll show the finest replica Jaeger LeCoultre Steel watch, probably the most sophisticated looks and all sorts of leading edge trends in replica watch. We will help you find every style you can actually want, in the Breitling replica towards the Jaeger LeCoultre Steel. If you are feeling lost, here we are ready to help you with any queries you may have about purchasing replica watch.
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  • PO uncomfortable!!!!

    Hi guys!Now I know I should be making a song and dance about the fact I now have a PO BUT....To be honest I may be replacing it with a 2254.50 plus cash (or other watch/s to the value of) at the AD I got it from.Why?Well only one reason, I find it irritates my wristMore specifically the circle surrounding the Hippogriff and script on the under side. This is quiet "proud" of the watch base and seem........

  • Can My Hammy Beat Up Your Patek?

    Are modern mechanical watch movements of similar design and quality, essentially comparable? Reading a listing of a 17 jewel Patek struck me as decidedly similar to a description of a Hamilton. It got me wondering if and when mechanical watch technology reached maturityWhat makes a manual-wind movement superior and does Hamilton (alongside other brands) represent the apex of wind-up watch develo........

  • Hamilton Hayden

    I was making an inventory today of my watches and while digging through all of them I found this Hamilton Hayden.I guess I am getting old, I don't remember when I got it or any of the details, I just know that I have not seen it or worn it in years!So I thought I would share it with all my fellow WIS's in the hope that someone might tell me a little more about it.Photos taken by me this afternoon,........

  • Interest in a Cleveland Ohio area GTG?

    Hey guys!I'm going to be up in the Cleveland area on Sunday October 2nd for a Lum-Tec factory tour I'm doing on Monday.My only plan for Sunday is to go to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame (I've never been despite living in South Western Ohio for 13 years....grrrrrr). So I thought I'd see if there was any interest in doing a GTG of WATCH TALK FORUMS members in the Cleveland area on Sunday Oct. 2nd? ........

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