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Jaeger LeCoultre Steel Hot News

  • Benrus

    I posted the "before" picture of this Benrus a few months back. My brother worked in the HVAC field and had found it in a heating duct. From the looks of the watch it was probably in there for decades. Well here is the "after" picture. It keeps amazing time and looks pretty decent too. This is the first Benrus in my collection that consists mainly of Gruen, Hamilton and Illinois. I usually wear ol........

  • Seiko monster please help

    i just recieved my new black monster - love it BUT after only having it a few hours its gaining 6 minutes an HOUR.The manual does state that if the watch isnt charged properly ( ie: worn for 8 hours a day) it main lose or gain times excessively - im hoping that because ive only had it on for a few hours from new ( where it may have been sitting on a shelf for months) this is the case but 6 minutes........

  • Vintage Illinois Spotlight-- Burlington

    In Fred Friedberg's wonderful book, "The Illinois Watch" The life and times of a great American watch company,There are 4 Logical "Periods" for Illinois watches...1) Transitional Pre World War I to the early 1920's2) Generic Early 1920's to early 1930's3) Deco Late 1920's to early 1930's4) Moderne Early 1930'sHere is a wonderful example of a "Burlington" from the Transitional period.I was very for........

  • Is there a "Break In" period???

    Should I be expecting a greater +/- initially with my Pam000? Also, my AD said there is a 40 hour reserve. On it says that it has a 56 hour reserve. Anyone know?If I forget to wind my watch in the morning and wind it at night, is it okay to wind it again the next morning? In other words, can I wind the watch too much?Yes, this is my first manual wind, sorry if the questions are a........

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