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    Since Ariel and Zach survived the first day of diving training (video part 1 here) with Oris, we decided it was time to throw them into the "somewhat-deep-blue-sea" and determine whether or not that first day of training held up. Spoiler alert: It totally does, all thanks to their amazing DiveTech diving instructor Ragime.Click the video for some amazing underwater shots, some insight into the pra........

  • SMP GMT White

    I have been wanting one of these and came upon a good deal on the Bay this morning, from a seller with good feedback that sells used Omegas. Now It looks like I will be selling my Speedmaster Reduced and my Tissot T-Touch to make room for it. And the Collecting Continues! Sellers Pic. ........

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    UFO case which involved physical trace elements occurred in Minnesota on August 27, 1979. This baffling account centers around Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson of Marshall County. Johnson was patrolling near the North Dakota border about 1:40 AM, when he noticed a bright light coming through his side window. Johnson knew it was not typical vehicle lights. He thought it might be a small plane in trouble ........

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Question...

    This is a watch that's owned by a buddy of mine in Toronto:My buddy took it in on a trade in the guitar store he owns. As you can see, it needs some attention. He dropped it off this morning for service, which is going to run him about $500.00.Can anyone here tell me anything about this watch? Approximate age, value, etc?Thanks!........

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