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  • This watch must have one of the most detailed Chopard watch case that I have ever seen

    This watch must have one of the most detailed Chopard watch case that I have ever seen. Here, the image is not to do this is justice, but look at the sides and the back of the watch and you get a visual treat. This edition limited to only 500 pieces 18kt gold watch steps both forward and back with a look cool on the Chopard watches chronograph of race line.........

  • Wow....all these 'INCOMING" threads lately, and.....

    Wow....all these 'INCOMING" threads lately, and many of them trumpet SEIKO Orange Monster or Black Monster....I am sure I am not the only one who gave in after seeing all the pictures here, reading and learning about this great watch and no no doubt once of the 'best bangs for the buck' mechanical piece out there.Let's see the show of many of WatchTalkForum readers purchased Seiko OM ........

  • Wrist check Sat. 5/24/08

    My very first watch was/is a casio, one of these days I'll post a pic of that beat up relic.This particular watch isn't expensive, isn't an auto or even a mechanical.But I've worn this watch alot since aquiring it close to 20 yrs ago.The bezel rotates to lighten or darken the dial, I normally leave it at a shade of green,lightening it enough lets you see it's LCD display, while in the selected mod........

  • what would you do

    For fun lets say you have this boss who is a complete jerk in fact he could careless about you or his other employes than one day he comes too you and say's, I have $100,000 dollars to spend on some new watches and he say's he want one pilots watch, one diver's watch, one dress watch and oneI don't know lets say a Lt Ed watch. Now here's what you can do, One you can take the money and buy the watc........

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