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Replica Invicta Watches For Sale By Invicta

Invicta Watches are among the most popular men's and women's timepieces in the world. The brand's name comes from the Latin term "invincible" and their bold, innovative designs, matched to their impeccable quality, outstanding good looks and affordability have made them invincible leaders in the watch industry. Shop today's most popular styles from the Bolt, Jason Taylor, Russian Diver and Subaqua collections...all at prices too good to miss! Learn more about Invicta watches.Invicta watches at Evine give you the confidence and charisma needed to take charge of your appearance and master time management. Created for world explorers, adventurers, and experience-seekers, the official Invicta watch collection is home to the finest in diving and sport watches on the market. These highly praised timepieces are not only produced to exceed the highest standards in artisanship, but they are also chic enough to feature in the boardroom. Currently based in the USA, Raphael Picard founded the Invicta watch company in 1837 in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland. His collection of automatic winding Swiss designs was of exceptional beauty and construction, yet Picard resolved to offer them at modest prices for the everyman to afford. To this day, President and CEO of the Invicta Watch Group, Eyal Lalo, upholds that radical school of thought. Lalo is a third-generation horologist and true maverick within the watch-making business. Since his reintroduction of Invicta watches in 1991, experts, perceptive consumers, and fanatical collectors alike have praised Lalo's innovative products and his direction of the brand into the fastest growing company in the industry. Invicta has manufactured premium timepieces for divers for decades, with an emphasis on style and functionality. At Evine, you'll find men's and women's Invicta watches that match state-of-the-art aesthetics and unparalleled quality with generously low price tags. When you buy an Invicta watch, you're purchasing a piece culminated from generations of watch-making artistry and featuring exceptionally advanced design. Discover your new timepiece online today, and find an accessory that is stylish and sturdy enough to keep up with your lifestyle.
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