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As the name suggests the International Watch Company IWC Schaffhausen is a truly global brand. Founded by a US watchmaker and businessman Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868 in Schaffhausen, IWC Schaffhausen's aim was to produce mechanical watches to traditional Swiss standard using progressive American techniques. Now IWC Schaffhausen employs over 650 people, including 180 of the worlds highest skilled watchmakers. In the 19th Century, IWC Schaffhausen demonstrated a passion for innovation through pocket watches such as the Pallweber which had a revolutionary digital hour and minute display, and by the end of the century IWC Schaffhausen were producing their first wristwatches. From durable everyday pieces and sports watches to complexities of Haute Horlogerie, IWC are, as the name suggests, world renowned for their prodigious craftsmanship. Since 1868 the IWC Schaffhausen have been crafting peerless timepieces. Blending stunning design with precision engineering across a diverse range of watches.
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  • There are many like it, but this one is mine!!

    Well after seeing so many beautiful Omega s here I just had to have one. Picked it up last night from the AD. 2200-50 SMP PO. I can not keep from looking at it. crappy cellphone pic.[IMG][/IMG]........

  • In hono(u)r of the new ownership. :)

    Will this Forum be changed to the North American Watch Forum? What is the prOcess for that? Is some sort of re-organIzation required.........

  • Travel case for watches

    At the Atlanta GTG Nick had his watches in a Pelican case. I had never seen anyone use a Pelican case for watches nor had I ever seen a small Pelican case. After thinking about it I decided to have a try with one. They are just great. The model 1150 will carry 4 watches and is perfect for traveling.Do any of you use a Pelican case? Cheers, Bill P.........

  • A another book I highly recommend to read

    A another book I highly recommend for every WIS is (The World of Watches) by Lucien F. Trued. Give you a insight on every thing you want to know about the Watch World.........

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