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Replica Graham Watches For Sale By Graham

Known as the father of the chronograph, George Graham was also the brains behind inventions such as the dead beat cylinder escapement, the first wall chronograph and the mercury pendulum. Perpetuating this spirit of remarkable innovations and technical expertise, Graham watches is now a contemporary watch brand dedicated to enthusiasts of the mechanical arts. Graham watches evoke a powerful fascination among connoisseurs with technically and aesthetically playful objects that combine originality, exclusivity and avant-garde.Graham is an unrepentanly English name for an exquisitely English watch. If you are interested in the minutiae of watch making, Graham was the surname of George Graham, born in 1673, master watchmaker who lived in Fleet Street, London. As an independent watch company, we manufacture our watches in our own production facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the watchmaking capital of Switzerland. Our movements are first rate Swiss movements. They are all engineered or adapted exclusively for us.
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