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Replica Ebel Watches For Sale By Ebel

A passion for innovation and excellence in watch design has always been at the heart of the EBEL brand. EBEL was founded by husband and wife Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1911. And since its inception, EBEL has remained true to their core values, manufacturing fine Swiss watches that marry technical expertise and distinctive style. Renowned today for its iconic bracelet design with signature wave-shaped links, EBEL continues to create timepieces that embody luxury and contemporary elegance with subtle, yet exquisite detail. Buy an Ebel watch At Prestige Time and get discounted prices, excellent service and free shipping. Large selection in stock. It started off in 1911 as a husband and wife team but Ebel watches shortly became known as the "architects of time" for their Swiss Luxury watches. Although Ebel ladies watches steal the show in their collections, Ebel mens watches are equally as exquisite. We invite you to experience the true meaning of luxury. In 1911 in the Swiss Horological region of La Chaux-de-Fonds was the birth of a Watch brand uniquely of a Husband and Wife by the names of Eugene Blum and Alice Levy - who became known as the original "architects of time", the name EBEL being an acronym of their names Eugene Blum Et Levy. Eugene focused on the technical side of the business and Alice the watches Aesthetics. The brand Ebel Watches continues today in these strong traditions with many accolades from the years of continued success with numerous celebrities being the brand ambassadors. The ranges currently include Ebel Classic Wave, Ebel Sport classic, Ebel Tarawa, Ebel Brasilia, Ebel Sportwave, Ebel 1911 BTR and the Ebel Beluga.
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