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Since Casio's invention of the first electric calculator in 1957, the company has been a forerunner in digital communication and advanced technology. Amongst Casio's most notable achievements is the first shock-proof watch. The Casio G-Shock premiered in 1983, designed by a Casio engineer named Kikuo Ibe who strove to "create a watch that never breaks." And it never did break, thus the G-Shock is a staple of the sports watch genre. If you have enrolled yourself for an upcoming marathon, a Casio digital watch with stopwatch feature will be the perfect companion when you run. Even if you forget to wear a wristband, the water resistance feature will ensure that sweat doesn't affect the functioning of the watch. Got to attend a party? Put on a black seersucker blazer and wear a digital watch with a stainless steel bracelet-style strap to put together a classy and well-thought-of ensemble. The latest watches from Casio include some colourful options as well. To create a sophisticated look on your first date, wear a polo T-shirt with a pair of chinos, and use one of the Casio leather watches with a brown strap to your advantage. Flaunt it if you want to earn some brownie points. Our selection of Casio watches for women also includes timeless pieces in pink, red, blue, and purple dials or straps, which you can wear to break the monotony of your outfit.
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