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Cartier Watches was founded in the year 1847 in Paris by Louis-Francois Cartier, specializing in the manufacture of breathtaking jewelry and watches, and was appointed as the official purveyor to many kings and rulers throughout the world. Shortly after 1900 an aviator friend of Cartier, Alberto Santos Dumont, voiced complaint over the difficulty of reading time from a pocket watch while flying and thus, the "Santos" edition watch was born. This was the first men's wristwatch ever to be created, and soon after, the Cartier Watch company was born. By 1907, Cartier had branches in New York, London, and St. Petersburg establishing them as a truly international watch company. In 1917 the Cartier collection begins to expand and this was the year when Cartier created their famous Tank line which was inspired by the Renault tanks that Cartier observed during WWI. The lines and proportions of the Tank collection represent those of actual tanks, with the color and decorations of the watches being similar to those of real tanks as well. A special blue sapphire cabochon adorns the crown of many of their watches in general and all of the Tank style watches in particular. Presently there are over 30 different types of Tank watches found in both quartz and automatic, with one of the most popular being the Tank Francaise watch, available in both men's and ladies' sizes. The worldwide nature of the Cartier brand is felt through its jewelry such as the popular Amulette de Cartier and its extensive watch collection. The Cartier collection of watches has titles including: the Tank Americaine men's watch and the Tank Americaine ladies' watches, which are produced only in precious metals making it very exclusive. Also available in the Tank collection is a classic styled series called Louis Cartier which is available for both men and ladies. Finally, the Tank Solo watches are available in round and rectangular shapes for both men and ladies at very reasonable prices - making for a perfect gift.
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