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  • SalonQP Watch Show: 2012 Report

    By Adi SoonThe recent SalonQP in London was certainly an eye-opening experience for me being a first time watch exhibition attendee. I had high expectations of going to this event and in many ways I wasn't disappointed.Unlike Baselworld where new products are announced and launched, the SalonQP in London functions more as an opportunity for the brands to interface with their potential customers in........

  • Orbita Sparta Issue

    Hello I just purchased a Orbita Sparta Deluxe Single Watch Winder with Lithium Batteries. When I first took a look at the protruding metal point where the cup attaches, I noticed it was slightly cocked to the side. Initially I could only get the cup on part way. After over an hour of messing around and trying to push it on, finally it went on, and now when I remove it, it does have the bearing ........

  • Restoration or Transformation - Please Don't Pass Me By.

    You all know my views on 'restoration'!I am fully 'right wing'. And always, always try to leave a timepiece visually as is, or how it left the factory with any natural deterioration. That is part of the 'provenance' of a timepiece or indeed any antique.Restoration should be their to save a piece never to modify or improve it to what it had been.A 'curator' from the Latin curare meaning to "take ........

  • Seiko Sawtooth Off the Grid - Photo Heavy

    I just returned home from another riverine expedition into a remote location of West Kalimantan, the place is just a patch of jungle terrain on Google Map. There was no wifi, no phone signals but life goes on fine. It was a small village that became hub to some 20+ villages in the area. There was electricity during the night from a small hydro generator up the mountain. The purpose of my trip was........

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