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    Rado is known for coupling sturdy, athletic timepieces with innovative materials and designs, and the brands new models for Baselworld are no exception. This year at Baselworld Rado introduces several new additions to its HyperChrome collection.Rados new HyperChrome watches make use of an unusual material. Plasma ceramic is extremely durable and resistant to scratching, as all ceramic watches ar........

  • Question about spring bar for old Elgin

    Hello to all,First post. Hope I'm doing this right.I recently acquired a working old Elgin wrist watch from the late 30's. The watch has hooded lugs which have built in pins (not fixed lugs but short pins on the inside of each lug).I can't figure how I am to attach a strap. Perhaps this setup was meant to use with a metal bracelet. I've uploaded two pics to clarify. I'd like to use a leather strap........

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    Seiko Kinetic Sportura for a day that will include a LOT of driving. -Shawn........

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