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  • Hamilton 987a (Dodson?) Kinda looks like a Gruen Curvex Competitor! :)

    This is my last Hamilton. :(I showed it to a watchmaker here in town and he says it might be a '37 Dodson, but admitted he is no Hamilton expert. Sohere I amagain.After glancing at the movements on this and the Illinois, I understand why people become enamored and start collecting them. The movements on these are really prettyespecially when compared to other manufacturers movements of the same ........

  • Can you beleive it???

    Last week, while visiting the Hamilton official site, I sent their Customer Service an email requesting some info. on a couple of older Hammy chronos I was in the process of acquiring. Specifically, I was interested in their production span. I told them I was guessing mid-'90s. I included the apparent series numbers from the back of the case. Just rec'd a written response to my inquiry. I quote "M........

  • Please recommend a colorful auto or solar.

    I currently don't have anything colorful in my collection. I'd like to find something yellow, red, or orange. A fair amount of color accents would probably work also. My criteria are:Under $300Solar or automaticSapphire crystal unless you can convince me otherwiseI know that eliminating the sapphire requirement really opens up my choices, but scratches on a watch crystal are very distracting to me........

  • Thirty days hath September...

    April, June, and, for those of you with date-function watches, how do you set the date at the end of a 28 / 29 / 30 day month? Do you...=> Reset the date to 1 on the first day of the next month?=> Advance the date wheel to 31 on the last day of the month, then let it roll over naturally?=> Something else entirely?Personally, I'm partial to the second method, to get that lit........

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