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Born in a clock-makers family, Bernard RICHARDS was quite logically led to study at the Horology and micro-mechanics Schools of Paris, and to be filled in turn by the love of traditional clock and watch making. This knowledge enabled him to create his own watch, a unique model, reflecting his passion for mechanical sports, and more particularly for the automobile competition. Thus was born the GP44, very first model of the BRM collection, a watch which was immediately adopted by customers eager for authenticity and originali.Chronograph BRM is a high-end car racing watch model that has created a niche for itself in this exciting luxury end of the watch industry. In the realm of horology, being unique has always been the main objective. BRM is one brand that has lived up to this objective of the horological realm. Inspired by motorsports and driven by adept craftsmanship, these watches are engineered for exclusivity. Focused on quality rather than quantity, BRM watches are made to precision. You can now shop for BRM watches with us at prices that are highly competitive.
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